About Us

Ebenezer Schools

We are a chain of privately owned mixed-boarding pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools built on a strong Christian foundation. We have a long presence in schools spanning 25 years. Our specialty is built on a track record of urban slum community-transformation through education and expanding alumni of eminent citizens. The schools offer early-childhood, childhood, and secondary education curricular and co-curricular programs in including Christian fellowship, sports, music, dance and drama, and vocational skills. The schools focus on raising a child with Christian-values and academic excellence.

Ebenezer Schools employ high caliber teaching and non-teaching staff tasked to:


Our vision is: “Raising generations of God-honoring leaders for society transformation.”. The vision is to be realized through offering quality education skills and nurturing Christian values to our learners.


At Ebenezer Schools,” We provide holistic education and mentorship to challenge the mind, body and heart.”


Our goal is to achieve quality delivery in education by providing learners with a suitable learning environment, offering quality teaching, learning and mentorship with real competitive advantage through Christian values.


Our strength lies in Innovation, Creativity for leadership, Reliability, Integrity and Teamwork.


Quality-education, learning culture, learner-centered teaching, Christian values and cost-conscious practices.


The Ebenezer Schools’ motto is: “Honor God and serve His people.”


Our success is underpinned by core values: Diligence (hard work, reliability, dependability, humility and responsibility), Integrity (honesty, trust, truth, obedience faithfulness, and forgiveness), Commitment (courage, service, worship, unity, and sustainability), Excellence (efficiency, results, condor, Love, discipline, and quality).


We pledge to demonstrate commitment to serve reliably in everything we do. In Uganda, the challenges of achieving excellence in education are open to improvement. Our obligation to diligence can only be met by demonstrated unwavering dependability and responsibility for educational performance and spirituality. We are committed to demonstrate hard work, humility and take responsibility for our outcomes


We pledge integrity in our dealings, honor commitments and never compromising ethics that place God first! Integrity is a basic part of building an excellent learning culture. We commit to be an institution that represents highest levels of personal and institutional integrity. We understand that with integrity, the public shall want to work with us and our core purpose not compromised. We live to highest standards of ethical behavior, make and strive to keep integrity.


We pledge to demonstrate courage to service that ensure that sustainability results from our tailored actions and that we continuously unite with those with whom we serve. This has been our enduring commitment. In order to achieve full potential of the Ebenezer schools’ motto: “Honor God and serve His people,” we must have a commit to a learning culture, that fully understands and aligns with needs and realities. We commit to walk in the shoes of those we serve and work. We celebrate our commitment to serving society in an area vital so humanity as growth through education. We must be truly able to commit and genuinely understand in order to occasion the sustainable growth and sustainability for transformation.


We pledge great results through excellence, collaboration, and discipline.
To achieve fuller potential in offering excellent academic performance and promoting Christian identity, we must positively engage the efforts, talents and interests of staff and of everyone else who can contribute to deepening our grasp and presence through rigorous pursuit. We build trust through collaboration, hard work and reliability. We tap into synergies for greater achievements and common pursuits.