School Structure & Staffing

Ebenezer Schools currently employ 170 staff of the following cadres: Secretary, Security guard, Subject teacher, Chaplain, Compound Master, Custodian, Deputy Head Teacher, Head Teacher, Director of Studies, Librarian, Director, Registrar, Nurse, Bursar, Driver, Carpenter, Caterer, Cook, Lab technician, Accountant and Assistant accountant. The school aims to grow to 200 staff as it rationalizes and seeks to annually grow the capacity of existing staff and recruit an additional 50 staff in response to the planned expansion.

Ebenezer schools staffing is mobilized around a flat organizational structure with a Board of Governors, Directors, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Director of Studies, Senior Management Committee, HR/ Admin, Heads of Department, teaching staff, and non-teaching staff among others. The team includes a vibrant staff and an outsourced Human Resource team. The flat structure design ensures to break bureaucracy, improve productivity, empower staff to take decisions and actions for accelerated performance in academics, finance and accounting, spiritual development, and co-curricular activities. The structure entails five tiers namely: Governance, Leadership, Management, Administration, and support.

The break detail down the composition of each is as below:

The team of professionals comprising both staff and outsourced members collaboratively synergize to offer our learners high standards of teaching and learning. The teaching and learning are tailored designed to fit learner-centered learning and needs for effectiveness, learning, and practice to influence impact and results. The teaching staff mainly focuses on lesson preparation, teaching, assessments, and administration management/delivery of school goals while the outsourced team focus on the HR policy, processes, procedures, leadership and management, recruitment, and occupational health. Ebenezer Schools’ structure puts the core institutional academic/support activities under specialized but closely coordinated supervision. We believe that this setup best serves the school’s twin purposes of delivering academic excellence and promoting Christian-values. The current institutional structure of Ebenezer Schools (below) consists of the Directors, the Board, a Senior Management Team, the staff of the School and represented in the structure below.

Primary School Structure

Secondary School Structure